A strange thing is happening in the church these days. There are two primary “camps” of Christians among evangelicals.  One group is convinced that most stuff of the world is evil and must be avoided. The other wants to adapt to the world so that the world will be influenced. The first emphasizes separation while the second espouses infiltration. Allow me to share a few thoughts with you on this huge issue which no-one will be able to ignore for long…

  • Salt only has its affect when it gets out of the salt-shaker and makes contact with something. It’s the same way with Christ-followers. We must make contact with the world before we have any influence at all.
  • Light is only needed where there is darkness. Christ-followers are meant to infiltrate their world and bring light where darkness prevails. Scary stuff.
  • Traditionally, Christians have been awful at building bridges — excellent at erecting walls. It has not served the Kingdom well.
  • The “conservative” view often appears more spiritual initially, but Jesus never called His followers to be conservative, but rather risk-takers. We are supposed to get our hands dirty doing His work.

Remember what the world-changer Paul stated in scripture, “I have become all things to all men that I might by all means win some.” Hurray for Paul! Hurray for every Christ-follower that truly follows Jesus!

Ivan Veldhuizen