Susan and I in Nigeria
Susan and I in Nigeria

My late life surprise is that God moved me from being a pastor to being a missions leader. Though not in my plans, it is a profound privilege to serve the global efforts of Converge Worldwide. My passion for lost people has been extended to “the ends of the earth” as we strive to reach “every tribe, nation, language and people group” for Jesus.

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  1. Jennifer, How wonderful to hear from you! Thank you for your note. Bethany is now married, lives in Wisconsin and has three children. We also have two sons–both married. We have been very blessed and God continues to show His grace and favor to us. I’ll be watching on Messenger for you. I’m not sure how I missed your note some time ago. Have a wonderful Christmas! Ivan

  2. Hi Pastor Ivan, I sent you an instant message on Facebook back on April 4, 2019. You must not be active on that account. It’s Jennie Prince, now Erickson. You were my youth pastor. I still have the student bible you gave me! Susan was pregnant with Bethany when we met at Blaine High School, I pray this note finds you, Susan, and your family well! Wow, mission work! God bless you for following the call. I have a 14 year old daughter who has a heart for missions. Would love to reconnect!

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