Day 1 — Departure

back row: Larry & Lynne Peterson, Susan & Ivan Veldhuizen; front row: Judy Elftmann, Barbara Kosiah, Jim McKinney
back row: Larry & Lynne Peterson, Susan & Ivan Veldhuizen; front row: Judy Elftmann, Barbara Kosiak, Jim McKinney

Our team of seven! In scripture, seven is the number of perfection. Sounds good to me!

Here’s the plan for our trip:

  • We will work on the housing project our church funded and put the finishing touches on that.
  • The women of the group will be working with widows to teach them skills they can use to make a living. They will also be a tremendous encouragement to them.
  • We will be helping to prepare and celebrate the dedication of the housing complex on December 1, World AIDS Awareness Day.
  • We will be helping to distribute 280,000 thousand meals that Impact Lives (and the WNBA helped provide (if it arrives on time — please pray for this)
  • We want to seek the Lord about what “big thing” Edinbrook may be able to help with next.

Initial Agenda:

  • Leave the Twin Cities at 7PM and fly to Amsterdam.
  • From Amsterdam tomorrow we fly to Abuja, Nigeria (the capital)
  • We drive part of the way to Gembu on Saturday (it’s a 15-18 hour drive)
  • We arrive in Gembu some time on Sunday.
  • Then–it’s off to work we go, laying a little Jesus-style love on some hard working missionaries and some very precious Nigerians.

Thanks for tracking with us and praying for us!

3 thoughts on “Day 1 — Departure”

  1. Hi Ivan and Susan!
    All is well here! Guys are doing great, Shane fits right in:) Lots of music, nerfing and guy talk. Brock and Abby made fast friends, share their dog food and I caught them sleeping on Zach’s bed together. Brock LOVES the back yard and they play out there quite a bit. We are looking forward to a short work/school week then off to Missouri.
    You’re in our prayers!
    Ann, Zach, Shane, Abby and Brock:)

  2. Can’t wait to read all about your adventures and “God stories!” Will be praying specifically for safe and uneventful traveling! 🙂

  3. Pastor Ivan, Susan, and the rest of the team: I pray that God will richly bless you on this very special journey. May He watch over you and provide safety each moment that you are away from home. The work you will be doing is incredibly important and we look forward to hearing the daily reports!

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