So–in our worship together today, about 200 or so people came forward committing to be an Acts 2 Christian. Just think of what this means…

  • If each of those people invite five people to Edinbrook Church in the next few months, and if two out of those five invitations result in a guest attendance, we will have 400 new visitors in the near future.
  • If out of those 400 visitors, one out of ten respond with a “yes”, we will see 40 new Christ followers in the months ahead.
  • If one in three of those 360, who do not say “yes” at this time, continue to attend, we will be constantly exposing another 120 people to the truth of Jesus on an ongoing basis.
  • If one half of those 120 say “yes” to Jesus in the next year, we will have another 60 Christ-followers from that group alone.
  • Over-all, this means that by being Acts 2 Christians, we could easily see 100 new believers in the next year or so…just from these new commitments made today!

And if those 100 new believers have an average of six unbelieving friends that they point to Jesus in the year that follows, we will have another 600 influenced in the following 12 months.

And on…and on…and on…

And that’s just a snapshot of what God can do with just one day of commitments made to Him!

Now–let’s be Acts 2 Christians.

2 thoughts on “Possibilities”

  1. Jon—great reminder. You are right–inviting is not the only or primary way to influence someone. This is a great way to get them exposed to the people and truth of Christ, but that is not always possible as you reminded us.

    There is nothing more beautiful than a Christian relating to a non-believer just because it’s the right thing to do. I think our greatest agenda first is to simply have a “ministry of presence” in their lives…to notice them, affirm them, include them, and engage them. God takes these simple gestures and begins to till the soil of their hearts. When the ground is soft and fertile, we often have opportunities to plant seeds that take root and bear fruit. Keep up the pursuit, Jon.

    And thanks for all the posts! I love the online conversation.

  2. No offense PI but the non believers I work with would not set foot in church. I need to find ways to meet them here at work to reach them starting with a fresh filling of God’s Spirit in my life. I am praying that the commitment I made on Sunday was a start of that. Would love to see others fill up this blog with practical ways to meet non believers at work that have been effective for them. Back to work…………

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