Knowing God?

I finished my blog yesterday with a statement I would like your help with today.

Here’s the statement:

I’m quite sure that God will sneak up on you some day soon and say, “I want you to do this ridiculous thing that looks like sheer lunacy. Will you do it?” What will you answer?

It all depends upon how well you know God…how much you can trust in His infinite wisdom and undying love.

Here’s where I would like your help. Tell me what it is that has helped you most to truly know God. [Just click on the little post-it on the top right and leave your comment.] You can be very brief, but be as specific as possible. It will be interesting to hear how we each find our life-giving connections with the Almighty. I will follow-up with some reflections tomorrow.

Thanks for your help, everyone!

9 thoughts on “Knowing God?”

  1. I am so thankful knowing that there are no surprises to God. He is faithful and never leaves me when my life takes unexpected turns. His Word offers comfort everyday all day.

  2. For me, it is having a strong prayer life. I like the verse, Pray without ceasing. Without constant prayer, I can do or say nothing for His glory.

  3. Great question! For me it is when I allow God to let me experience Him. God is always around and active and wanting to show Himself to me. I have to see, hear, feel Him. Many times for many different reasons I don’t let that happen, and I miss “experiencing” Him.

    I recently read some things by Mark Batterson that are helping me answer this question. When I worship I can’t focus on what’s wrong with me, but what is right with God. This allows me to experience Him. By the way, I have to remember that worship is a lifestyle that includes music but in no way is limited to that. When I have problems in my life my attitude and focus must be on Jesus. I cannot be the focus of my problems because I will never experience God if that is the case. My problems are actually opportunities for me to experience God.

    Altering my prayer life from only “safe” prayers to include “dangerous” prayers. Praying “safe” prayers are not bad and I will continue to pray those types of prayers. However, for me to experience God the way He wants me to I need to pray “dangerous” prayers. Prayers that I know make me uncomfortable because in my own strength I cannot accomplish the request. Knowing that God is the only one who can move forward and do what He is asking of me…that is a dangerous prayer and will lead to a wild experience!

    OK – I am done. Experiencing God (Hey – could be a great name for a study book!) is a way that I truly have come to know God.

    Have a nice day!

  4. I have to say it is the times when I have seen my life and my heart face to face with the Word of God. The times where I have been broken, times when relationships have been the most difficult, the trials. Most of all, it is my sin shown in the Light that has me running and clinging to Him.

  5. I think I know God better from reading His word. I know Him better from listening to the wisdom of others and what they have to say pertaining to Him. I must say that I hate adversity but I do also think I get to know Him through it because I look back and see how He worked things out. He is an amazing God, I’ve seen His hand in my life even when I didn’t know Him. He knew I would someday know Him and He loved me through so many difficult things. When I think of all He has done for me, the sacrifice, His love even when I don’t deserve it which is often….simply amazing! Thank you Father for your hand in my life. For not letting me self destruct, for saving me and giving me new life! I’m amazed by you!

  6. I know God from reading His word and doing what His word tells me to do. I know He loves me because of the cross; how He humbled Himself and died for my sins. The more I obey, risk, and do crazy things He asks of me, He shows Himself to me. It’s a relationship I am in, and I long to know Him more and more. When I follow and obey Him, I get to see Him more and more. It’s not simply head knowledge, it’s a constant love relationship. I trust Him because I have seen Him work over and over. In the bible, and in my own life.

  7. For me it’s prayer. Surprised right? Everything begins & ends with prayer. I can think I know God’s heart about something and then start to pray and suddenly there is so much more clarity. I am humbled and my mind changes. Sometimes I laugh in the praying because I know God has a different opinion that I had and of course he’s right!!! I also agree with Jon B. Trials help us to know God and ourselves more than we did in the good smooth times.

  8. My morning devotions before I start the day have brought me to a closer relationship with is quiet and I feel a connection with Him knowing He is there with me.

  9. I would have to say for me it is adversity & trials. As I mentioned yesterday that it’s during adversity my head faith gets turned into heart faith. Reading & knowing in my head about God’s omniscience & omnipotence is one thing but to experience it in the “heat of battle” brings it home for me.

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