For Those Who Will Never Read of Him

Many people will never read the Bible. They must listen to the stories of the Bible.

Did you know that two thirds of the world’s population either prefer or must hear the gospel through oral means? So many of the unreached people groups are illiterate. Currently, over two thousand languages have no translated Scripture.

Even in our American culture, there is a new need and opportunity associated with storytelling of the gospel. LaNette W. Thompson writes, “These young people reared on television and movies, are influenced by stories, especially stories of personal experience. They don’t have time to read, but they will listen to a person’s stories if that person is considered worthy to share.” (Discovering the Mission of God, p.403)

In Converge Worldwide, we prioritize unreached peoples. God expresses His longing that every nation (ethne’ or people group)be engaged in exuberant worship of Him (Psalm 67). We see the picture of people from “every nation, tribe, people andĀ language” standing before the throne in worship of the Lamb (Revelation 7:9). God has determined that all peoples–illiterates included–will be a part of the great throng of worshippers in glory.

If this is God’s passion, then it must be our purpose to tell the truth of Jesus to those who will never read of Him.