How do we reach the world for Christ? On our recent trip to Senegal, Africa and India, we saw two very different fields.

Wolof people
Some of the beautiful Wolof people we met in Senegal.

Senegal represents a field that is rough, unyielding to seed, pummeled hard over time. Very few “seeds” planted there ever take root. Most of the work there is unglamorous, uncelebrated, difficult, and unrewarding. It’s much like rock picking from my days on the farm — you work all day, get your mouth full of dirt, ache all over, see no measurable results, and have to go out and do it again tomorrow. Only the fittest and most determined can persevere in this kind of field. The pre-planting phase — that of removing the stones and tilling the soil — is carried out by missionaries who live by faith everyday. They do it because God has told them to and because God has given them a vision of what their work will some day achieve. I honor these faithful workers. Though it is not “sexy” missions, it is critical that we continue the faith-driven hard work of preparing the soil for the planting of seeds. Our churches need to support it in every way they can. Only  then will a harvest someday be gathered. Press on, faithful servants of the Lord!

Assam people
A three-month old church of all new believers in Assam, India.

India represents a field “white for harvest.” By the sovereignty of God, massive numbers of unreached peoples are ready to embrace Jesus if only they can hear the gospel message. Jesus said, “Pray to the Lord of the harvest that He will send workers into the harvest.” This is the kind of mission work that most everyone dreams of — even Jesus did! The white fields call us to urgent all-out action. During harvest season on the farm, we would work days and nights at a time without ceasing because the season for reaping is very short. In India — from north to south and east to west — among least reach peoples who have never heard the name of Jesus, massive numbers people are coming to faith in Christ. They only need to be told. They need messengers. They need churches (groups of Jesus-followers who gather for worship, fellowship, learning, and spreading) to build a movement that will bring Holy Spirit transformation to these ethnic groups. Susan and I visited at least fifteen churches, most between three and six months old, filled with converts from Hinduism, Buddhism, Animism, and ancestral worship who are now eager and hungry followers of Jesus. Their stories of hardship, persecution, and perseverance are humbling, to say the least. It only takes $300 to plant a church among an unreached people group — and each church will reach between 15 and 30 (or more) lost people for Christ. That’s not even figuring in the new leaders and churches that spring up from each one as a result of a multiplication/mentoring DNA implanted from the beginning. We need partners who will help us reap a great God-honoring harvest.

God is at work in marvelous ways. We GET to be a part of it. Go ahead — engage in a big way. We need you. God invites you. The lost are waiting…

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