A Blur

Life has been a blur the last while.

Have you ever traveled on a train? As you sit there¬†moving at high speeds, things whisk by at alarming quickness. It all seems a blur and so little of what passes you can actually be taken in. That’s the way I’ve felt in leading our Converge missions the last while. It’s been good, but it’s also been a blur.

Preaching 2013
Preaching lakeside at our 2013 Missionary Retreat in Minnesota.

It has also been very good. Time with missionaries, connections with churches and pastors, growing and developing our team, and shaping pathways into the future have filled my days (and sometimes my nights) with good things. I embrace the great privilege it is to serve in this unique and influential role.

I am also humbled. I would always like to think that I’ve truly learned to trust in the Lord after 41 years of being his child, as well as 30 years in full-time ministry. I’ve been reminded of how far I still have to go in laying my burdens down. With a recent season of eye problems — trouble seeing, pain and hypersensitivity — I’ve been told that I have recurring blisters on my eyes due to unhealthy stress. Evidently, my physical vision is affected because my spiritual vision is blurred as well. I’m on a journey of still learning to cast the heavy burdens of ministry and life at the foot of the cross.

I get the feeling that God has me right where He wants me — in a ministry role that is bigger than I can handle. It REQUIRES me to fully depend on the Lord’s sustaining grace and Holy Spirit power to do exactly what He’s called me to do. I’m in that unique place¬†where I cannot get by without Him. It’s do or die (so to speak). I am committed to becoming more like that apostle Paul who, in his weakness, stated, “Your grace is sufficient for me. Your power is perfected in weakness.”

Life has been a blur the last while — for more reasons than one. I’m looking to God for clarity, peace, health, and success. To God be the glory!

4 thoughts on “A Blur”

  1. Thank you for your support and prayers, Joel! May the Lord continue to lead and guide you in all of your Kingdom efforts. To God be the glory!

  2. Dear Ivan,

    Thank you for sharing openly on these tough life issues from your leadership post! It is great to be able to share these burdens with you in prayer. I’m praying especially today for you and Susan. May Jesus’ healing grace be soon upon you — not only as with health and rest from his ongoing presence, as well as with the spiritual eyes to see the light of wisdom from above (John 9).

    For God’s grace,


  3. Mike, your words are a tremendous encouragement to me. I have felt your full support since day one in this role. Thanks for who you are, your valued partnership in this ministry, and for the excellence you bring to our mission initiatives.

  4. Very thoughtful reading. Before you were given the job, I always knew our next IM director would have a HUGE leadership burden. I’m so glad you da man. You are an awesome friend and leader. I pray often for you that God’s grace would sustain you. I’m looking forward to seeing how God continues to do that with you and Susan.

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