Five Cheers for Cameroon!

Susan and I recently returned home from a 9-day trip to Cameroon. Our goal was to meet 10 of our Converge Worldwide missionaries there, see what their ministries are like, be of encouragement to them, listen and learn. All of these things were accomplished and more. Here’s the “more” part…

We were so blessed by the faithful service of our missionaries in some difficult places, such as:

  1. A couple teaching in a seminary in northern Cameroon. In a fairly remote region, with very few modern conveniences, they faithfully train pastors to start and strengthen churches. Learning the culture, dealing with the challenges of the differing leadership motif, and experiencing loss at the complete life-change they’ve endured, they continue to effectively multiply themselves by trainining and sending leaders to grow the Kingdom in Cameroon. I am humbled by their sacrifice and perseverance.

    A team of missionaries in remote Cameroon.
  2. One couple has been ministering among a very hard to reach Muslim people group — about .01% Christian. With few conversions to speak of, they continue to help the herders in that region be successful in their farming endeavors. They simply love on the people in the name of Jesus as they meet some very real and urgent needs for survival. I am amazed at their unrelenting spirit to press on no matter what.
  3. A surgeon and his wife are helping to train surgeons for the Cameroon people — there are so few. While addressing the daunting needs of health care in this African nation, they are multiplying themselves to meet a pressing need among these people — all in the name of Jesus. Their lives are quite simple compared to what a doctor could have in the US, inconvenienced for the sake of Christ. They are the presence of Jesus in a region where Christ desperately needs to be experienced. I’m thankful for their sacrifice and excited about the difference they are making in Cameroon.
  4. You don’t often think of a contractor being a missionary, but this one is making a profound impact in Cameroon. His leadership, creativity, hard work, vision and ingenuity have been major ingredients in seeing a small hospital become a national center of health care. His wife is constantly teaching, building relationships with the lost, and loving on people in very practical ways. They remind me of how God’s unique giftings can be used to make a profound impact for God’s glory.
  5. On a hike with three Doctors in beautiful Cameroon!
    On a hike with three doctors in beautiful Cameroon!

    And then there is the hardship post, inhabited by a doctor and his wife who arrived on the scene 13 years ago intending to stay just two years. They’ve taken a small clinic and turned it into a full-fledged hospital in a very needy region of remote Cameroon. They partner with a church planting team there, as well as a Christian radio station that daily spreads the gospel to people who have never heard the Truth before. They are now 75 years old. When asked how long they intend to keep doing this, Doc replied, “If our health holds, 10 to 12 more years.” Is that amazing or what?! I am inspired by their sacrifice, Christ-like love for lost people, and godly leadership which is transforming a region of the world for Christ.

So when we say we came with our agenda, we also left with God’s. Susan and I are humbled, grateful, inspired, challenged, and energized to be in the unique role of leading these amazing servants of Christ. To God be the glory.