A Two-Week Snapshot…

I just finished two intense weeks of ministry networking, planning, and learning. Let me give you a few highlights…

  • Spent two days in Palm Springs, CA reviewing annual ministry plans by all of our missionaries. Overall, I’m thrilled at the initiatives I saw and the impact they will make.
  • Experienced a little “team-building” by golfing the nicest course I’ve ever been on. Great memories and loads of fun!
  • Spent the weekend at Whittier Area Community Church. Preached three times on Sunday and then spent “fun time” with two great Estonial leaders, Helari Puu and Toivo Pilii, at the home of Bill and Arlie Ankerberg. Sweet fellowship…
  • Engaged in a networking forum with 30 Converge mission leaders pretty much all last week. There were many take-aways. The most encouraging for me?–the drastic change in attitude of the group from last January to this one. There was a total sense of unity, comradery, and positivity.
  • Spent time with top-notch leaders shaping a pathway for all Converge churches to more effectively and collaboratively engage in Haiti ministry. This could make a BIG difference in outcomes there and also provide a template for future initiatives in other places around the world. Thanks, team!
  • Spent a good part of Saturday at the US Center for World Missions meeting with their Executive Director, Christopher Lucey and our own diaspora expert, John Baxter. We are working on some really exciting diaspora initiatives both in the US and around the world. As we follow through on these initial plans, tens of thousands of global south Christians could be catalyzed for evangelism to reach millions of people in the 10-40 Window with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • I had a Super Bowl party with my wife in our hotel…and that was really fun!

Upon quick reflection of the past two weeks of ministry, I am humbled to be in this place, honored to serve Jesus, and grateful for the opportunities to impact the world as I walk in faithfulness to Christ.