Church Planting in India

Ministry opportunities and needs abound in India. Meeting church planters in India has been my primary objective on this trip — to see if there are ways we can help spur church-planting movments to happen. From meeting rural and village pastors near Pakistan, slum pastors in Mumbai, and city pastors in Vizag, I am meeting men who have sold their lives for the cause of Christ. No price is too high, no obstacle too big, no goal too lofty for these men to pursue. They toil in very difficult trenches of ministry so the lost will be found. They want to bear much fruit for the kingdom. This is why they do what they do. There are many jobs that would pay more, be safer and easier. They are spending their lives for the gospel. As long as they are doing that, they would like to be very productive.

They need:

  • Practical ministry training and strategy assistance.
  • Consistent and passionate prayer support.
  • Help finding solutions to major ministry challenges (each area’s are unique)
  • People and churches that really care and love on them in relevant ways.

Lord, speak to me so I will know what I should do–What Converge Worldwide should do to see your Kingdom come and your will be done in India as it is in Heaven.

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