Off to India!

I’m on my way to India! I have three primary reasons for this trp:

  • To re-establish long-term partnerships Converge Worldwide has had out there.
  • To discover new potential ministry opportunities to bring the gospel to the many unreached there. It contains about a fifth of the world’s people and is rated fifth in the world in need of pioneering missionaries.
  • To spend extensive time with a godly leader in India to see if an ongoing partnership may be feasible.

As for me, I’m deeply humbled to do this…and very excited. I will experience amazing things — meeting pastors from cities, villages and slums, orphans and handicapped, great leaders and rare servants, visiting Mother Theresa’s ministry center in Kolkata and preaching in the church William Cary founded there. I will spend time with refugees in camps and tribes desiring to reach the unreached around them.

As I step into this incredible land of unique opporunity filled with people Jesus deeply loves, I know my utter dependence upon God. I want to see what Jesus would see, love like Jesus would love, and leave the impact that Jesus would leave. For this to happen, I must die to self and live in the Spirit.

Please pray for me when you think of it.   And watch my blog. I’ll keep you posted.