Self-Righteous People

My daily Bible reading has landed me in the book of Job the last few days. Here’s what stood out to me this time around — human wisdom, critical argumentation, and self-righteousness are futile.

Have you ever known someone who likes to show how much they know? In fact, this type of person can take anything — anything — and find something to be critical of. They put together their pious platitudes, polish up their theological perspectives, and poop on people. (Sorry, but that’s how I feel.) One of these “Pharisees” in your life is a tremenous challenge. Job had four of them breathing down his neck! Regardless of what Job said, they found something to argue about — some word or statement they could criticize. And they did it over and over throughout this ancient manuscript. This is a TRIAL.

I was reminded today of:

  • How easy it is to criticize others.
  • How we can look so spiritual while being so unspiritual.
  • How we can puff ourselves up with knowledge while failing to build others up with love.
  • How often we can make any situation about us rather than the person who really needs us.
  • How our human nature can fool us into thinking we’re pretty special.
  • How dishonoring and destructive argumentation is.
  • How humble we need to be–always.

There was a time when someone took diligent notes of every sermon I preached so they could find any word or phrase possible to criticize. It was unnerving, discouraging, humiliating, frustrating, and destructive. I had just one person for a season of time. Job has four critics, thinking they’re godly, dispensing human logic in a time of extreme suffering erroneously charging him with sin in order to fix him.

The intensity of Job’s trial only accentuates the godly character of this rare man. “There was no-one else like him in all the earth.”


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  1. God bless you Pastor Ivan………….you always tell us like it is……….so miss your sermons but know you are where you should be….God bless you and Susan and your family as you are travelling spreading the message which is where you should be!!!! Hey to Susan and tell her I love and miss her!!!

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