Missing Out…

Numbers 14:26-30 tell the sobering account of God’s judgement on the nation of Israel. The people that God had brought out of Egypt were unwilling to enter the promised land. Verse 30 demonstrates God’s complete intention to provide this Promised Land for His people — He “swore to give it to them.” Instead of embracing God’s grace, they complained against His person.

The complaints of theĀ Israelites flowed out of a number of cold hard realities:

  • ingratitude
  • unmet personal agendas
  • faithless living
  • a small view of God
  • an inflated view of themselves — their knowledge, wisdom, and importance
  • an absence of reverence toward God — they were worshipless
  • fear

When I look at this list — this soil of hard hearts — I am convicted to assess the soil of my heart. How I want it to be soft, rich, fertile, pliable, ready to produce what God longs to produce in me. How I want the seeds of His grace to produce a crop of 30, 60, and a hundred fold.

Many years later, Jesus said, “You will know them by their fruit.” The bitter fruit of complaining revealed the faithlessness of a people God longed to bless. They missed out.

Today, Lord, I embrace your grace. My heart is open. Unleash your grace. Be honored in me.