God is Writing the Story

Right now life is crazy. Nonsense. Confusing. Amusing. Goofy.

What fun!

We had the great privilege of being honored by our church last Sunday. After 16 years, there were lots of stories, video out-takes, and a little toomuch comfort in making fun of me as I exit. What a blast we had! What an overwhelming sense of honor I was given.

One of the crazy and fun groups we've had helping us this week.

This week, we have Edinbrook people coming over every day to help sort, carry, clean, and laugh. We still have lots of laughter going on. We are humbled at the outpouring of support and love by our friends. There are no words to describe what’s happening in our hearts these days. Wow!

The house is no-longer a home. Nothing is “in its place” any longer. I can actually see the floor of the garage (that’s good!).

On Friday, we drive away. This is where we have raised three children, been to hell and back in some of life’s most excruciating experiences, met God over and over in life transforming ways, entertained hundreds of people, and found a haven from a needy and broken world. We’re leaving it to embark on the next chapter of our lives.

Of course, I love reading books…especially great stories. You find yourself on the edge of your seat, at times. What will come next? Will they survive? How will they get through this or what will be the breakthrough here? That’s a little how we feel, except we’re the story. We’re stepping into the next chapter. It will be different…and it will be good. God is writing the story…


One thought on “God is Writing the Story”

  1. This has been a tough week so far…but also a GREAT week! It’s great because we get to send you off with our blessings to the next “incredible” adventure that God has planned for you. It’s great because we know that God IS writing this chapter of the story. It’s ALSO great because we know that He is writing the next chapter of Edinbrook’s story as well. We look forward to the months and years ahead BECAUSE we know who the author of the book really is!

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