We’ve decided to keep Christmas really simple again this year. No gifts. That’s right–last season we decided to forgo presents since we were financially strapped. It was the best Christmas I ever remember–seriously! Don’t get me wrong…I like getting a nice gift as much as anyone, but I also get frustrated with the commercialism of Christmas. It has actually added so much pressure to our lives–needing to get things for all these people who don’t really need anything at all.

Knowing our children each had some financial challenges of their own,  Susan and I had discussed the possibility of not adding the pressure of gifts for the second year in a row. When we mentioned it to our kids, I could hear the audible sigh of relief and the hidden pressure of it all drain from their faces. “Oh! Thank you Dad!” was the response I received. One even gave me a high five!

Here’s what we’re going to do this Christmas. We are going to put our efforts into creating some special family times, making some memories, and focusing on the true meaning of Christmas. And eating lots of great food! Forget the pressure of the packages. We’re going to make sure we meet Jesus…and one another, STRESS FREE!

One thought on “Stress-Free!”

  1. exchanging of gifts is just ….trading gifts. True giving of gifts is giving of yourself with the recipient having no way of giving you anything back.

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