Just Courage

I just finished a great book called Just Courage by Gary A. Haugen. Being the president and CEO of International Justice Mission, he knows a few things about courage. Ponder a few of his statements…

  • Christians seem to have the amazing ability to say the most wonderful things without actually believing them.
  • Following Christ was supposed to be a bold adventure of power and beauty and singular importance, but the reality that keeps emerging appears to be something very different.
  • Our rescue is not our ultimate destination; it is the indispensable means by which God works out his plan to rescue the world.
  • When it comes to injustice (the abuse of power by taking from others what God has given them), God’s position is straightforward. God hates it and wants it to stop.
  • Many Christians are so busy defending their own end zone that they have forgotten the joy of scoring touchdowns.
  • If following Jesus does not feel dangerous, I should probably pause and check to see if it is Jesus I’m following.
  • Am I being brave, or am I being safe?

Now there’s a little food for thought…

One thought on “Just Courage”

  1. Pastor…

    Right on with these words. Thank you for sharing them. Believers need to not just hear things like this but they need to live them out. We live in a culture (a Christian culture) that says be safe. We talk about facing our fears but do we really? We applaud others who go, sacrifice, and show “no fear” but are we willing ourselves to do the same?

    Blogging is a cool dealio! I love that you can share your heart and passion with us every day. Keep it up Pastor!

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