Empty Christians

Many Christians can look good but be terribly empty. In modern American Christianity, we tend to have something that is more cultural than biblical. In place of authentic faith being lived out, we easily slip into a form of something religious but lack substantive power. We can look good on the outside, but are like whitewashed tombs on the inside.

This morning, I read Hosea 10:12:

I said, ‘Plant the good seeds of righteousness,
and you will harvest a crop of love.
Plow up the hard ground of your hearts,
for now is the time to seek the Lord,
that he may come
and shower righteousness upon you.’

God desperately longs to shower you with His love and blessing, but we often place ourselves in a wasteland apart from God’s grace. In fact, Jude 21 states, “Live in such a way that God’s love can bless you.” How cool is that?

Hosea mentions the “seeds of righteousness”. What are those? In this scripture’s context, it refers to:

  • Living without idols…those things we rely on that become our crutches. We go to these for security and providence instead of God [like today’s financial security, credit cards, nice cars, luxurious homes, toys and entertainment items that feed our pleasure quotient]. Plow up that hard ground of your heart.
  • Running passionately after God — making Him the first love of our life…“seek the LORD”
  • Living like Jesus would live with compassion for the needy, an awareness and commitment to the lost, and honoring God with a life of integrity. Action is more important than theoretical beliefs.

I don’t know about you, but I definitely want to “live in such a way that God’s love can bless me”…today.

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