Identifying Your Jordan

For the nation of Israel, the Jordan represented the place of decision. On the banks of this river, the first generation decided NOT to trust God. They withered away in the wilderness as grumbling, bitter, empty, futile people. The second generation decided to cross the Jordan and step into the best that God had planned for them. Only by trusting God could they cross the Jordan and live life to its fullest.

We all have Jordans in our lives. What’s yours? What is it that stands between you and the best that God has planned for you?

It’s important to know what God’s plan is for you. That’s not always easy to know, especially the specifics of that. What we can always know, however, is that God wants your life to be significant. You life is meant to count for the Kingdom. You are here to make a difference, leave an impact, shape some lives, create a wake.

So what is keeping you from being a person of significant impact upon others? This may be your Jordan. It could be a lifestyle you’ve latched onto, a sin you’ve gotten stuck in, an attitude you’ve accepted, some lies you’ve believed, a plateau you’ve settled on, or a career you’ve valued more than God’s best. Remember, it ALWAYS takes courage to cross a Jordan. But God is there to help. After all, for Israel, He held back the waters of the Jordan so all the people could cross on dry ground. God is waiting to help you cross your Jordan too. He’ll do whatever it takes to help you succeed in this as long as you’re really serious about stepping into His Promised Land.

At the end of our lives, we usually regret our omissions more than our commissions. Yes–the mistakes we make sting…those stupid and sinful things we have done wrong in life. But the real stingers at the end of our lives are those things that we didn’t do — the risk we should have taken, the leap of faith we could have made, the new adventure we failed to engage in, and the missed opportunities we wasted away. The things we haven’t done usually compose our greatest regrets.

Don’t fail to identify and then cross your Jordan. God has a great plan for you on the other side.

One thought on “Identifying Your Jordan”

  1. Sometimes we feel like we are on an island where two rivers come together. It seems safe. The issue is we are only half way across either river…or no man’s land. Then the decision is which river to cross. The solace from Henry Blackleby is you have to step in the water to experience God.

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