Day Four – Loving the Nigerians

Sunday was a wonderful day. We began our day by worshiping together. The sermon was outstanding (of course) and the fellowship invigorating. We then traveled four hours to Makurdy where we found a hotel and had some supper — chicken and noodles out on the patio. I thought that this “simple day” would be a breeze. Now that evening has come, I’ve been reminded of how much a seven-hour time change can mess with your body clock. I’m very ready for rest.

Monday will be a big day of travel. Eight hours of twisting, slowing, speeding up, honking horns, avoiding potholes and good old cruising will provide another opportunity for us to chalk up some good memories on our African Adventure. If all goes well, tomorrow evening we will find our beds in the new Guest House that Edinbrook has funded for GECHAAN. And we will be its very first inhabitants! Wow.

We saw so many things today as we traveled through the countryside. Roadside markets, Nigerians carrying huge loads on their heads, entire families on mopeds, and quaint villages of little thatched huts. We had some wonderful pics and videos to share,  but our Gembu internet service would not cooperate. Sorry… maybe later.

I am reminded of the great task we have been given to “make disciples of all nations.” Jesus most literally meant “all ethnic groups” when He delivered this command. Beyond all of the strange customs, activities, foods, lifestyles and hard-to-understand accents, the Nigerians are amazing people. They have treated us with a winsome kindness, favor, and respect. Here’s another thing I know about the Nigerians—Jesus loves them, this I know, for the Bible tells me so, little ones to Him belong, they are weak but He is strong.

We love them too!

Thanks for your prayers. It’s just about time to get to work.

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  1. Way to go! We have been praying daily for the long and bumpy ride. It will be a relief when we know you are safe. Is the “new highway” completed yet?
    God bless all of you as your work in Nigeria is just beginning.

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